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Eastern Fire Break

Eastern Fire Break


Byron Trails - Eastern Fire Trail 3The Eastern Fire Break doesn’t sound like a very exciting walk, and that’s probably the reason why I’ve overlooked it until recently. But I was feeling the need to explore something new and pulled out my worn maps and had a look at areas I haven’t yet visited. On first glance the Eastern Fire Trail looks (on the map at least!) as though it should have views across Wanganui gorge to Goonengerry National Park and its escarpment, as well as views into Upper Coopers Creek. But the map, as they say, is not the territory and you can never be sure you’ll get what you expected when you head out on a new trail.

Well this trail in Nightcap National Park delivered far more than I had expected. There is indeed a stunning view across to Goonengerry escarpment and its waterfalls, and more unexpectedly is the creek we came upon that offers a beautiful swimming hole and for those brave enough to climb down to the edge, an incredible view into the pretty Upper Coopers Creek valley.

12.6km loop walk – 6 hours

Byron Trails - Eastern Fire Trail 2From Rummery Park Camping Area (in Nightcap National Park), head through the locked gate along Peates Mountain Road for nearly 3km, then take the right turn onto the trail marked Eastern Boundary. The fire trail meanders northeast and then southeast for 4km where it becomes clear that you are close to the edge of a ridge to the left. Keep walking for another half kilometre and watch out for a cluster of trees t your left and an indistinct trail leading through them. This takes you to a steep rocky spot where you can take a break and take in the views across Wanganui Gorge.

From here continue on for 1km to a creek. You can walk downstream along the creek (barefoot is better because lots of the rocks are mossy and slippy) to a swimming hole. Further on again is a cliff edge – only go as far as you feel comfortable with.

Back on the trail turn left and start the steady uphill climb back to Peates Mountain Rd, following signs for Perlite Rd. On Peates Mountain Rd turn left and walk the 2km downhill to Rummery Park Camping Area.

Byron Trails - Eastern Fire Trail 4


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