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Byron is a beautiful place – now you can explore more of it!

I’m Mairéad and I am the author of Byron Trails, the ultimate guide to walking trails in the greater Byron area. I’ve put this guide together for people who have come to love Byron and its surrounds and for those lucky people discovering it for the first time. This little easy-to-use book offers all the essential information on walking trails in Byron and beyond and is bursting with hidden gems you probably didn’t know existed.

Walking & Nature – the quintessential pair

Nature has always been a part of my life. Half of my childhood summer days were spent playing and building hide-outs in the woodland beside our home and the other half on the rugged coastline half an hour away. In my 20s I went out into the world to find some of the most beautiful displays of art on the earth’s canvas and there began my love of walking, hiking, roaming, tramping. The feeling of freedom setting off on a long hike with a pack on my back hasn’t often been surpassed. Rounding a corner to be greeted by a new landscape is still an experience that I treasure.

Why I do this

I love roaming in Nature. Out there, relaxation becomes a steady companion, guiding each footstep and awakening each sense. This unwinding isn’t unique to me. I’ve seen the same happen in others, time and again.

I created Byron Trails so that you can have the area’s best walking trails at your fingertips. I have personally walked each trail to create this guide and love to share tips, special places and advice from what I’ve picked up along the way.

For me, an experience of Nature is the greatest gift I can give. I hope the Byron Trails guide opens the door to a world of wonderful experiences for you.


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